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Aquarium and Tourist Train Playa de Palma

Including Aquarium and CitySightseeing Tourist Train

A quality combination that fuses transport and leisure to enhance the experience of our visitors. 

This promotion includes entry to Palma Aquarium and a return trip on the CitySightseeing tourist train located in Playa de Palma.


Related to the tourist train in Playa de Palma:

  • Access to the train includes two journeys on the same day as the visit to the aquarium.
  • It is essential to show the online purchase locator to board the train.
  • You can board the tourist train from any official stop located on the front line of Playa de Palma and you can get off at the stop of your choice.
  • Running hours:
  • - April from 9:30h to 18:00h (last departure).
  • - May, June, October: from 9:30 to 22:45 (last departure) 
  • - July, August and September: from 9:30h to 23:00h (last departure)
  • Frequency: Approx. every 30 min.
  • Total journey time: approx. 01:30h.
  • You can consult the train stops in the 'Timetable' section of the main menu.


  • It is essential to keep the confirmation of purchase to present it at both events.
  • Available from April until October 2023.
  • If you have any doubts or queries about the City Sightseeing Platja de Palma Mini train, please contact City Sightseeing customer service on 902101081.
  • No changes or refunds are allowed after having enjoyed either of the two activities
  • Offer available in our online store or on the CitySightseeing train. Not available at the box office.
  • Palma Aquarium accepts no responsibility for the loss of the ticket provided on the train.
  • Promotion subject or susceptible to further restrictions or closures for reasons beyond the control of the bidding companies.
  • The approximate frequency is 30 minutes and the total journey time is approx. 01:30
The perfect combination!
Aquarium + Tourist Train Playa de Palma
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