Visit Palma Aquarium as many times as you like!

Ocean Pass - Annual Pass

Family Pass Offer 2 adults and 2 children: 189€.

Enjoy Palma Aquarium as many times as you like throughout the year!

Being part of our Ocean Pass not only gives you unlimited access to the park for a whole year, but also offers you important discounts on different activities at Palma Aquarium.

Exclusive benefits

As an Ocean Pass member, you will have access to a trip to all the world's oceans with exclusive activities and discounts all year round:

  • 15% discount on Birthdays (Valid for Ocean Pass Family).
  • 15% discount on Campus (Valid for Family Ocean Pass)
  • 25% Discount. Dive with sharks, for the member and two friends
  • 15% Off Shark Sleeping with Sharks
  • 15% Off park activities - Shark Vision Boat, Backstage, Cinema and Snorkelling with stingrays
  • 15% discount in our shop, on products with Palma Aquarium logo
  • 15% discount in our Restaurants and Cafeterias.

You will also enjoy exclusive discounts at partner companies

  • 10% Discount On Air Europa
  • Up to 35% Discount in Menorca Lines
  • 10% Discount in Mallorca Fashion Oulet
  • 10% Discount at Hard Rock Cafe
  • Free tuition for the first time in Viding Illes
  • 10% on registration if you cancel and renew in Viding Illes
  • 10% Discount at Fit Agua: €58.10 instead of €64.90 at Viding Illes
  • 10% Discount at VIP Illes: €64.71 instead of €71.90 at Viding Illes
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