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Dúo Pack + 3D Cinema Aquadome

Price for 2 adults

Enjoy a day full of discoveries in the best company.

You will share a journey through all the oceans of the world and meet the wonderful creatures that inhabit the seabed. 

Get ready to live a unique 3D experience in Europe where you will join a pod of humpback whales in an incredible virtual immersion!


- Park entrance for 2 adults (+12)

- Access to 3D Cinema Whales for 2 adults (+12)

WHALES, an immersive 3D film in which you can enjoy a magical experience to discover humpback whales, one of the largest mammals on the planet. A unique content in the world through which to get to know and explore the life of these giants of the ocean.

Admiration, respect and passion for the marine world

What sets Palma Aquarium apart from other national and international marine parks is especially the recognition it has earned worldwide thanks to its ability to maintain and reproduce coral reefs.

Our experience in their reproduction and maintenance means that we house the largest and most varied collection of live corals in Europe, with species common to seas all over the world and represented in habitats that have reached a perfect balance.

We have landscaped areas with Mediterranean flora and large open-air aquariums; an open-air roof garden that reproduces a jungle with exotic and tropical plants; the shark aquarium, where these pelagic species coexist with hundreds of fish; and several interactive exhibitions where you can discover, connect and learn about marine life.


  • 3D Cinema - Whales: Activity for 3 years and upwards
  • Aquadome: Activity from 3 years
  • The time slot of the 3D Cinema - Whales session will be available at the park. Check the time slots on the website
  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult (+18)
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Dúo Pack + 3D Cinema Aquadome
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