Best Online Price Guaranteed

If you purchase your tickets via and then find an online price for the same ticket which is lower and has the same conditions, let us know and we will refund you the difference.  As easy as that. 

How do I request a price match?

If this happens, all you have to do is fill in the following form, specifying:


(*) Required fields


You will receive a firm reply within a maximum of three (3) working days and, if due, the difference in price will be paid to you using the same method of payment as used when you carried out the purchase. 

Price match requests can only be sent by the person who carried out the purchase.  No one else can request a Price Match on behalf of the user who carried out the purchase.  


Terms and Conditions:

All users who, having purchased and paid for their tickets via, find a better price for the same type of ticket with the same conditions within a maximum period of 10 days, can benefit from the Palma Aquarium Best Online Price Guarantee, as long as they comply with the following specific terms and conditions at all times:

  1. The request must be always be made via the online form available for this purpose on the Palma Aquarium website. 
  1. The person requesting the price match must fill in all the information requested in a correct and true manner, so that Palma Aquarium can compare the information provided correctly.
  1. Only the user who carried out the purchase can request a Price Match.  No one else may request the price match on their behalf, and if this should happen, their right to a reimbursement will be cancelled.
  1. No commercial entities and/or Palma Aquarium partners will be able to apply for this Price Match or benefit from the services offered by this policy, and reselling tickets in any of their formats to third parties is strictly prohibited.
  1. Any one user will only be able to claim one price check, and this claim must always be for the total amount of the purchase made.
  1. The best price guarantee will always be applied to the total purchase amount and not to the partial or total price of one of the tickets.  The total amount will include all taxes and tariffs, charges or handling costs and commissions which the other entity could or should apply.
  1. No more than 10 days can transpire from the date of purchase to date of the price match application.  The customer must bear in mind that prices may change over time, either due to temporary promotions or to particular conditions at any specific time, or other factors, and this is why we have to apply a time limit for price checks.
  1. The price comparison must always be with the same conditions and for the same type of entrance ticket.  With special emphasis on the number of adults and children and their differentiation, same ages, same currency, same payment methods, and any other characteristics of each ticket.
  1. Groups are excluded, and by groups we mean applications which are for 20 tickets or more of the same type claiming a price match.
  1. If wanting to do so, customers must apply for this service before they visit Palma Aquarium, and they must do so exclusively via the channel and form in place for this purpose.  No requests made via telephone, at the ticket office, at Palma Aquarium's offices or in the park itself will be taken into consideration.
  1. The entrance ticket must be valid and be within its expiry date when the application is made.  Applications for entrance tickets which have already been used to visit the park will not be accepted, and neither will expired tickets or tickets which have already been subject to a partial or complete refund
  1. The Best Price Guarantee will only be applied to the prices published and available to the general public on a website directed at consumers in Spain.  The lower price may not come from a website which you need to call, send a message to or email in order to obtain the price, nor may it come from an email message received by the applicant.
  1. The guarantee will not apply in the following cases: prices corresponding to promotional packages or activated by entering a promotional code, private tariffs or those activated by entering a username and password or which require the user to log in via another system in order to be applied, prices for companies, prices which are not published online, price variations due to a change in currency, tariffs offered in affiliate programs, group prices, prices for entrance plus transport or as part of a package. These conditions serve as examples and are not exclusive.
  1. All applications are subject to verification by Palma Aquarium. Screenshots or other ways of proving the lower price which cannot be confirmed independently will not be accepted.  Nor will any application which is considered the result of a printing error or another error, or which is fraudulent or not carried out in good faith.  Any verified applications will receive a refund using the same method of payment as they used upon purchase.  The refund may not be reflected in their account until 30 days have transpired or until the following billing cycle.

Palma Aquarium reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Best Online Price Guarantee and to restrict its availability without prior notice, in which case the conditions will be modified directly on the website with no other form of publication being necessary.